Bag policy

To make Wembley safe for everyone, there are restrictions on what you can bring in a bag into the stadium. Here’s everything you need to know.

What’s allowed? 
Each person can only bring one small bag, and it must not be bigger than A4 size:

  • Height 297mm (11.7 inches)
  • Width 210mm (8.27 inches)
  • Depth 210mm (8.27 inches)

Please note: this means the overall bag size. Bags that are half full and folded over to reduce their size will not be accepted.

Anyone carrying bags that do not meet the criteria above WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN. 

  Why does the stadium have a bag policy?

Safety is everything. That’s why we carefully review public safety and stadium security policies every year, looking for ways to improve them.  

By limiting the size and style of bags people can carry in, our bag policy enhances safety inside and outside the stadium. Plus, it  speeds up the security screening process. 

How is this good for fans?

As well as making everyone feel safer, this means less time standing in lines at the turnstiles – helping you get to your seats well before the event you’ve come to see. 

What about official merchandise?

Any matchday merchandise you buy will be supplied in a clear plastic bag, and will be allowed into the stadium as well.  

If you buy merchandise outside the stadium – either from one of our retail outlets or the stadium store – the bag will be sealed. Please do not break the seal until you enter the stadium. 

Will my bags be inspected?

Yes. All items and bags carried by spectators and staff will be carefully inspected when entering the stadium. This may include an electronic wanding or pat down. 

Bags will be checked at an outer cordon. If there’s a query on size, a bag gauge will be used. 

Are there an exceptions to the bag policy? What about medical reasons? 

We do make exceptions for medical equipment and a few other things, but you must get permission in advance. If this applies to you, please contact us here ahead of the event day, selecting 'Medical Exemption Certificate' as the topic.  

If you’re eligible, you’ll then be given a certificate proving you’re allowed to take specific items into the stadium. You will need to show this certificate to security. Also, your bag will be searched and may be subject to an x-ray scan before you can enter. 

These are all accepted proof of eligibility for Medical Exemption Certificates: 

  • A statement of higher or middle rate disability living allowance (DLA).
  • Receipt of either the Severe Disablement Allowance or Attendance Allowance. 
  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP).
  • Qualifying annual uprating letter. 
  • The Access Card (details available from
  • Registration document which certifies that you are Registered Blind or Partially Sighted. 
  • Veterans Agency letter confirming War Disablement Pension. 
  • A personal letter outlining your access requirements from your hospital specialist (within reasonable date). 
  • If resident outside the UK, please use equivalent documentation.

Please note: This list is not exhaustive, and we consider each application on a case-by-case basis.

Are cameras, smart phones or tablets allowed in if they’re not in my bag?

Yes. A phone or camera can be carried into the stadium, but not in its own bag. In other words, you can bring these things in, as long as you still only have one bag in total that meets the policy. 

Are handbags allowed?

Yes. Unlike some event venues, we are not banning all bags. But handbags count as the one small bag you’re allowed to bring in to the stadium.  

So, as long as it’s smaller than A4 and meets the rest of our bag policy (as described on the rest of this page), then you can bring a handbag.