Media Facilities at Wembley Stadium

Media Facilities at Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium is equipped with cutting-edge media facilities. Which means great news for everyone.

Written press
Our press box has a capacity of 186 seats and can be found on Level 1, in the lower tier of the northern quadrant of the stadium. Each seat has a high-speed internet connection and power outlets, as well as on-desk plasma screens shared between every two seats. The press boxes are adjacent to the east and west media lounges which are on the mezzanine of Level 1 (1m), where there are also catering facilities. A working room is located next to the lounge with 100 wired internet connections in each. Wireless internet is also available. There is direct access from the lounges to the mixed zone area and press conference room.

Mixed zone
The mixed zone is next to the press conference room and players’ area on pitch level (b1). There’s capacity for 120 people and wireless internet is available.

Press conferences
The press conference room is next to the players’ area on pitch level (b1) and has direct access to the media lounges. There is capacity for 180 people and wireless internet is available.

Our two radio commentator booths are on level 1m, between the two press boxes. One booth holds 10 people and the other five booths have a capacity of two people each. Wireless and wired internet connections are available in each booth. A radio interview room is located on pitch level (b1) in the players’ area, next to the press conference room. Wireless internet is also available in this area.

The photographers’ lounge and work room are located on pitch level (b1), with easy access between the lounge and pitchside via the north east tunnel. The lounge and working room provide space and facilities for photographers and technicians with a combined capacity of 120 people. 

Toilets are in the corridor outside the lounge. There are 98 wired internet connections in the lounge and work room, as well as wireless internet in these areas. There are also internet connections at the pitchside photographer positions.

The stadium has two 60m² TV studios located on Level 3. The main TV gantry is located on Level 4 which includes 38 commentary desks and internet connections. The internal TV compound area on pitch level (b1) is 1882m² and the external compound is 663.8m². Power supplies in this area can be broken down into the format required by broadcasters, in either 125 amp or 63-amp 3 phase supplies.

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