Wembley Stadium’s policy for children under the age of 2

The safety of everyone at Wembley Stadium is of paramount importance.

Alongside the majority of stadiums, sport grounds and arenas around the country we have policies in place to protect and support the safety and welfare of everyone who comes to our stadium.

Wembley is the nation’s largest stadium, we are responsible for the safety of up to 90,000 people during our events.

To do this, we work closely with a range of experts in stadium management, health and safety, and safeguarding to devise a set of policies and measures that helps to protect the safety of all our guests.

Our policies reflect the diverse range of audiences who attend the stadium, across all our events (sport, music and entertainment), and take into account factors such as:

  • Crowd density
  • Loud noise
  • Audience profile
  • Risk of anti-social behaviour through either intoxication or aggressive behaviour
  • Potential use of pyrotechnics (flares and smoke devices) in an enclosed area

Considering the above, and to best protect the safety and wellbeing of babies and young children, the expert advice is to not allow under 2s into Wembley Stadium for our events.

All our safety plans are closely scrutinised by the SGSA (Sports Ground Safety Authority), the Police and licensed by the local authority on an annual basis.

We will continue to work with partners and user groups to review all policies to ensure the experiences we offer continue to be enjoyed, safely, by as many people as possible.