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Why are stones being installed around Wembley Way?


We want to give fans and supporters the opportunity to have a permanent place in Wembley history and in doing so, create a lasting tribute to one of the world’s greatest stadiums. The stones will enhance the look of stadium and create a striking feature that will define Wembley and the fans that support it.

Where exactly will the stones be installed?


Several locations have been identified around the stadium where panels of personalised engraved stones will be installed in the ground; a landmark which will be known as Wembley Way.

Who can buy the stones in Wembley Way?


Everyone is able to buy a stone at Wembley Way.

What stone can I buy?


You can choose from a range of sizes and logos.

The Wembley Way single stone has up to two lines of text (14 characters per line), engraved and painted in black lettering.

The Wembley Way large single stone has up to three lines of text (20 characters per line), engraved and painted in black lettering.

The Wembley Way double stone has up to three lines of text (14 characters per line), engraved and painted in black lettering with a choice of the Wembley crest or the England Three Lions logo.

The Wembley Way Celebration stone has up to three lines of text (20 characters per line), engraved and painted in black lettering with a choice of the Wembley crest or the England Three Lions logo.

How many stones can I purchase?


There are no restrictions on the number of personalised stones you can purchase.

Are the letters painted on top of the stone?


No, all text is actually engraved into the stone to make the lettering more hardwearing.

What are replica stones?


A replica is a personal copy of your Wembley Way stone for your own home, office or to give as a gift. These stones are exact copies of the original stone installed in Wembley Way. You can use your replica in many ways, e.g. put on display in your home or office or simply give to a friend or loved one as a memento.

How will I receive my replica stone(s)?


These stones will be dispatched to you by mail order in a protective display box. Unfortunately, owing to their weight and tracking issues, we can only send replica stones to addresses in the UK.

What can I have engraved on my stone?


Any message or dedication you wish, subject to approval; Wembley National Stadium Limited reserves the right to disallow any defamatory or offensive messages.

How will I know if my order has been received?


You will receive an email confirming your order details and inscription request. Please check it carefully and if you need to contact us, email (including your order reference), allowing up to 48 hours for a reply.

We will send a personalised certificate to you in the post within 28 days of your order, after which time your stone will be included in the production schedule.

What is on the certificate?


The certificate includes the inscription on the stone and a unique reference number. In due course you will use this number to help locate your stone in the scheme. The certificate does not include the purchaser’s name.

When can I expect to receive my certificate?


Certificates will be sent out within 28 days of your order date. Each certificate is personalised to reflect your inscription/stone requirements, is digitally printed and dispatched in a protective envelope.

Will the certificates have the recipient’s name on them?


No, the certificates will simply show the stone type and the inscription that you have chosen to have engraved on it.

Can I change the inscription that I entered when I placed my order?


If for any reason the inscription details are not correct, please log into your account page and amend them online. Please note that it is important that you do this as quickly as possible as orders cannot be amended if a stone has been marked for production.

If you want to make changes having received your certificate, we can only accept requests made in writing to (including your order reference), that are received within ten days of the original order date. After this time, no further changes can be made without incurring a cost.

Can I change part of my order?

If stones are ordered at the same time we will need to cancel the complete order and refund the total amount, leaving you free to place another order online; this time just selecting the single stone that you require. Please drop a note to (including your order reference) to request this.

How long will the stones last?


The stones will last indefinitely and we can guarantee that they will be in situ on Wembley Way for a minimum of 10 years.

When are they being installed?


The first phase of Wembley Way will be laid towards the end of 2011. Thereafter, future phases will be announced on the website. Stones ordered during this first phase will enjoy a more prominent position, as all stones will be installed on first come, first served basis.

When can I expect to receive my replica stone(s)?


Replica stones will be sent out within 28 days of the corresponding Wembley Way stone going into production.

How much do the stones cost?


Stone                                            Size                         Cost         Replica*
Wembley Way Single Stone             200mm x 100mm     £50.00      £37.50
Wembley Way Large Single Stone    300mm x 100mm     £99.00      £74.25
Wembley Way Double Stone           200mm x 200mm     £149.00     £111.75
Wembley Way Celebration Stone     600mm x 200mm     £495.00     £371.25

*Please note that the prices for replica stones do not include postage and packaging.

How do I pay for the stone(s)?


You can pay online using a credit/debit card - VISA, MASTERCARD, DELTA, MAESTRO or SWITCH.

Can I choose my precise location?


Sadly not, the stones will be laid on a first come, first installed basis.

As I have ordered more than one stone, will they be placed together?


Orders are processed and spaces allocated on a first come, first installed basis and therefore we can’t guarantee the specific locations of individual stones. However if you have purchased more than one stone in the same transaction, it’s likely that they will be installed within a similar area, but not necessarily side by side.

Is it possible to have my stone placed next to someone else’s?


We can’t confirm that your stone will be placed in a specific location as orders are being processed and spaces allocated by our system on a first come, first installed basis.

How can I find my stone?


Each stone purchased will be issued with a certificate and a unique number. We have provided a stone locator within the order system where you can check your location details as and when they become available.

Do I need a ticket to view Wembley Way?


No. The stones will be installed around the outer concourse at Wembley Stadium which is open to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can I buy a stone as a gift?


Yes, you can buy a stone(s) as a gift for someone else. The letter confirming your purchase and the certificate will come to you, the purchaser, to check the inscription we have is correct before we engrave the stone.

You can then present the certificate showing the inscription on the stone as a gift. The certificate does not contain the purchaser’s name unless it is part of the inscription.


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