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Can my child be a mascot at a sporting event?


The relevant event owner provides and manages mascots and ball boys and girls if required. These are provided from specific organisations, charities, local schools or volunteers. Please visit the relevant event owner’s website for contact details to submit your request or enquiry.

Can I arrange a personal announcement?


All event day activity and entertainment is organised by the relevant event owner. This includes all announcements and scoreboard content.

At some events the event owner may provide this facility and details will be communicated within the event programme or broadcast via the PA system at the event.

Wembley Stadium unfortunately does not have the facility to organise personal announcements at events.

Is the consumption of alcohol permitted at Wembley Stadium?


There are different policies in place regarding the consumption of alcohol according to the events.

As a general rule the sale and consumption of alcohol is permitted at concerts. It is also permitted at

Rugby League events and other sporting events like American Football.

However there are strict rules in place regarding the sale and consumption of alcohol at football events.

It is permitted on the concourses and in the restaurants and private hospitality areas at all England friendlies, FA Cup competitions and Football League games. For competitive UEFA and FIFA fixtures alcohol is only allowed to be sold and consumed within the restaurants and private hospitality areas, and not on the public concourses.

For all football events alcohol must not be consumed inside the main Stadium Bowl or within view of the pitch.

Will Wembley Stadium show other matches on the stadium screens during the event?


As all activity for each event is managed by the relevant event owner, we cannot confirm what programmes will be broadcasted on the screens in the stadium during the event.

Where do I find event timings and details?


Your event ticket will include all available event details and timings. Details will be available on the event’s authorised website. All event timings are subject to change and alteration, without prior notice.

Please visit our events pages for all available event details.

Can I move to a different location?


Wembley Stadium offers fantastic views from all seats. Your ticket for the event is for a specific area or seat. Once visitors are inside the stadium they are unable to move to another level or area.

Are there any items that I may not bring into the stadium?


Wembley Stadium upholds the highest standards of Health and Safety. The following guidance is in line with the stadium’s grounds regulations.

• We know that many supporters like to display flags at football matches and Wembley Stadium will always be as accommodating as possible.

• Flags are not generally confiscated, however the obstruction of gangways, access routes, exits and entrances, health and safety signage and stairways is strictly forbidden.

• In the event of an emergency we must have all access and exit points clear.

• Wembley Stadium reserves the right to confiscate flags if they are very large or may compromise public safety, obscure someone’s view, a camera position or if a flag carries offensive, discriminatory or inflammatory messaging.

• Flags more than 250cm in size at their widest or longest section will not be allowed and flagpoles greater than 1m in length will not be allowed.

• Any articles that could potentially be used as a weapon and/or compromise public safety are strictly prohibited.

• Permission must be sought in advance from the stadium and event owner to arrange use of the very large supporter flags that are designed to be passed over people’s heads. In such cases the flag must be flame retardant and the organiser bringing the flag into the stadium will need to provide the appropriate H&S certification.

Ground regulations will be printed on your event ticket and a list of prohibited items is available here.


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